Get your Automotive Platform on to the cloud today. We Offer cutting edge Telematics Solutions for Any Connected Vehicle. The Only Indian Company with over 10 years of experience focused on Automotive Telematics. Be it the Telematics Gateway Device, Car to Business connectivity Protocol or a Cloud enabled connectivity Software platform Our experts can ensure that your car is On the Cloud, delivering value to your customer.

A robust and proven device can make the difference between a connected car and the not so well connected car. A well designed connectivity protocol can save you a large portion of the air-time cost. Our experience in designing multiple protocols for various air-time tariffs and business models makes us an ideal long term partner.

Our Experience

  • EI LABS is the only Indian company to have put three Car platforms and One Tractor Platform on the cloud already.
  • EI LABS has designed the middle ware for the tractor platform in addition to providing a rugged all weather devices as OEM fitment.
  • For the car platform EI LABS has designed the connectivity protocol and manufactures and supplies the Telematics Gateway unit as well.
  • Our experience in deploying telematics solution, which is tested across 14 countries, various carriers and networks with a commitment to Zero-Hang statistics, is our USP.

Announcing Neo Zen series of automotive grade products power packed with GSM-GPRS as well as BT-Smart connectivity, CAN, RS 232, True Analog Inputs, Opto Coupled Digital Inputs and Relay Drive Digital Outputs – All in IP 65 certified enclosure.

ZEN comes with ALWAYS LOCATE technology with simultaneous internal and external GPS antenna for flexibility in mounting.

Benefits of Telematics

For a Truck

  • Provide your customer the precise whereabouts of his asset
  • Provide him the tools to increase his profit through better utilization
  • Create yourself a loyal customer base through a better service

For a Tractor / Farm Equipment

  • Precise Engine Hour Measurement predicts need of Service.
  • Air Choke or Oil Filter Alerts keep you in touch with customer.

For a Passenger Car

  • Lower your customer’s cost of ownership by trading his/her good driving habits for an Insurance Discount.
  • Increase your service revenue’s by proactively knowing your customer’s need for service whilst decreasing the service time.
Features Neo-S Neo-X Neo-Y Neo-Z
2.5m GPS accuracy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Class 10 reliable GPRS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location Update Frequency 3 min 30 sec 30 sec 10 sec
zero antenna technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPS Odometer+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Zone store and forward (hrs) 2 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
Panic Button Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Sensing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Main Power Removal Alert NA Yes Yes Yes
Internal Battery Option* NA Yes Yes Yes
RS232 data Interface NA Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer interface with built-in Relay Driver NA NA Yes Yes
Fuel Measurement Interface NA NA Yes Yes
RPM measurement interface NA NA Yes Yes
Opto Isolated General Purpose Input (Door sensor, seat belt, fuel cap etc) NA NA Yes Yes
MEMs accelerometer NA NA NA Yes



  • All Devices are -40 to +85 degrees extended temperature grade
  • All Devices are enclosed in IP 65 enclosure